HOORAY! Platform In De Maak turns three years old!
We'll celebrate this October 22nd 2022 at 30CC/Schouwburg Leuven with a bunch of new makers and with you!

Save the date and confirm your presence via this link.

12:00-18:00 : Living archive (work from 18 new makers of four different festival editions)
12:00-15:00 : Iconic br/lunch
14:30-17:00 : Conversation 'small makers in big houses' (Dutch spoken)
18:00-20:00 : Festive toast
20:00-24:00 : Birthday party with dancing and DJ's



- Are you a new maker with professional ambitions?
- A performer, writer, choreographer, technician, creative producer, researcher, culture manager,...
- Have have you recently created or are you creating some new work that you want to try out?
- Are you looking for a place and a stimulating framework to present this new piece?
- And/Or do you want to facilitate that place in the shape of a festival?

Then we are probably looking for YOU to help with the organisation of our second new makersfestival in March 2021!

More information and sign up via this form.
Sign up deadline October 16th 2020.

*We define new makers as makers who are at the beginning of their professional trajectory in the performing arts. A maker is understood broadly, as a performer, a writer, a choreographer but also the behind the scenes technician, producers, researcher, etc.

¬ KU Leuven master students create mapping - May 2020

Are you curious about the places and institutions for new makers in Flanders and beyond? A group of Cultural Studies master students from KU Leuven has created an overview of them with this mapping. For us, but especially for you. Because together we are strong(er).


¬ Request! Send in a video - May 2020

Over the past couple of weeks you have probably come across our postcards initiative. Maybe you have ordered some yourself or even received one in the post. This initiative was a collaboration with some students of the Cultural Studies master programme at KU Leuven, and now they need your help.

Let theatre connect us during these lonely times:
STEP 1: Do you have an In De Maak postcard? If yes, go to step 2. (If no, what are you still waiting for, order yours now!)
STEP 2: Take a postcard.
STEP 3: Record a short video passing the postcard from right to left (watch the video below for more details).
STEP 4: Send in this video via platformindemaak@gmail.com
STEP 5: Receive eternal gratefulness in return.

Deadline is Wednesday May 6th at midnight.


¬ Archive for new makers opens its virtual doors - April 2020

Get to know the work of new makers in our online archive. An alternative for the online content shared by 'established' artists and collectives. New names and work are continuously added, reason enough for a regular visit.


¬ Postcards in times of quarantaine - April 2020

In confusing times in which we're necessarily cocooning in our houses, not only calmth and time for ourselves reign supreme, but unfortunately also precarity and loneliness. The forced cancellation of performances pushes artists into a difficult position, but at the same time many initiatives appear that bring these performances of established names in the cultural field to our home. With our previously announced archive for new makers in the performing arts, we want to complement this and also create a place where these beginning makers can share their work and open up a dialogue. But loneliness is just as present these days.

A work longs for an audience, a person longs for postcards. Can it be that simple? We like to believe so. That's why we distribute postcards with images of the new makers in our archive to fulfill both desires at the same time. Let us together make the loneliness bearable and lend a face to new makers in the performing arts.
Would you like to receive ten free postcards with images from our archive, which you can then use yourself to send a message to people you love? . If yes, you can leave your address details in this form. If you would like to give a free contribution for your order, you can always do so via BE40 7360 6299 1763 on vzw Platform In De Maak, stating 'free contribution postcards'. Together we are able to spread warmth and new creations


¬ Platform In De Maak opens an archive - March 2020

A year ago Platform In De Maak was born. Several new makers put their heads together and decided to take matters into their own hands. They devised a structure that aims to support new makers in the performing arts. On the one hand by creating visibility for their new work within the existing field, on the other hand by actively building a broad community among all the new makers and with an audience.
In September, this structure was given a first form as a festival where new work was shown and shared over the course of one weekend. Within that framework, in-depth discussions took place between the participating makers and more experienced artists and art workers. This gave rise to ideas that were able to sink in over the past few months. An important necessity of the festival was to ignore the well-known formula of such an annual meeting. The platform aims to be more than that. In the run-up to the festival weekend, we organised a four-day quarantine to brainstorm about the needs and uncertainties, desires and questions of the new starting maker, who is central to Platform In De Maak. Because of the early form of the platform and the teething troubles associated with the start of an organisation, that idea of quarantine was ultimately largely taken up by many practical concerns. Now, during these alienating days of the COVID-19 crisis, the word quarantine resonates with us all the more. Many new creators now miss rehearsal space or sit at home brooding on ideas without the possibility to concretise them. That in addition to dreaming and longing of course.

At the moment we are overwhelmed by social media with messages from many art institutions and artists who open their archives to the general public. This beautiful message, that you shouldn't experience this crisis without the performing arts, is something we very much applaud. However, we would also like to address the fact that once again the new maker seems to have no place in it. Where can you find their work online? Isn't this a momentum to go public with their work as well? Following the example of the 'established' art archives, we would like to fill this virtual gap and launch an online archive where enthusiasts and new makers can browse around and view their work. Not only to search for an audience, but also to create a dialogue with each other. Together we grow.

Concretely, we invite everyone who identifies themselves as a new maker (there is no age, background or education criterium on it) to be part of this archive. Would you like to use the platform to share a registration or images of a graduation work, first performances, work-in-progress, early ideas,...? You can do so via this form.